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1This Guy. Empty This Guy. on Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:12 am


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Quake Live Member
[01:59] AttiTude: hu'
[01:59] Corpse of War: Sup
[01:59] AttiTude: Do you know router stuff
[02:00] Corpse of War: Very little
[02:00] Corpse of War: In fact, almost none at all lol
[02:00] AttiTude: Very Happy
[02:00] AttiTude: honesty is the key lol
[02:00] AttiTude: well k then its np i ask someone else then bcos i got big problem
[02:00] Corpse of War: G'luck
[02:01] AttiTude: gonna need that
[02:02] Corpse of War: Stab your nuts, fixes every problem
[02:02] Corpse of War: :p
[02:03] AttiTude: DID that alrdy lo
[02:05] Corpse of War: And that didn't fix it? :/ Damn, must be real bad
[02:06] AttiTude: yeh got my netwire to left ball, the wire goes to wall from my right ball, ive stabbed both outtaway but cant help the problem still
[02:06] Corpse of War: LOL
[02:07] AttiTude: had hard on too
[02:07] AttiTude: idk it had something to do with electricity i guess
[02:07] Corpse of War: LOLOL Oh my god, I'm dying
[02:07] AttiTude: havent seen my hard on in yrs
[02:07] AttiTude: lo
[02:07] Corpse of War: lmao
[02:07] AttiTude: hah
[02:07] Corpse of War: Holy shit
[02:08] Corpse of War: Funniest convo I've had in a long time LOL
[02:08] AttiTude: whole house doesnt have lights aoon while ima making hardon with wires
[02:08] AttiTude: >_>
[02:08] Corpse of War: Well, at least they can't see it happening lol
[02:09] AttiTude: mhh food to explain why whole town is dark
[02:09] AttiTude: good*
[02:09] AttiTude: "had all wires on my nuts to fix one problem"
[02:09] AttiTude: well did you had hardon?" ye " then its np, we will wait ppl fix the lights
[02:10] AttiTude: gonna go out with my hardon
[02:10] Corpse of War: lolol Aight, hf
[02:10] AttiTude: i will lol

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2This Guy. Empty Re: This Guy. on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:48 pm


I'm here way too much!
lmao, he never changes does he?

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