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WolfcamQL help

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1WolfcamQL help Empty WolfcamQL help on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:20 pm


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Quake Live Member
I'm working at wolfcamql at the moment, and have run into some difficulties regarding scripts (of which i have NO knowledge about)

I have downloaded rEnk's scripts but.. the folder doesn't just have one .fx file, there is one .fx file for each weapon etc. what should i set cg_fxfile to?

Next i try entik.fx, but get error:

RE_registershader(lightningboltnew) failed


RE_registershader(sprites/plasma1new) failed

the thing is, i can't find the shaders anyway, where are they loaded from?

And...running legless.fx crashed wolfcam, i think it's not debugged for wolfcam9 Very Happy

I don't suppose anyone could briefly explain scripts to me? So much more difficult than i thought it would be...if you don't want to answer i don't blame you Smile

Any help would be very appreciated!

WolfcamQL help Underw10
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