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Kami Makes Me Chuckle..

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1Kami Makes Me Chuckle.. Empty Kami Makes Me Chuckle.. on Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:44 am


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Quake Live Member
kamikaze wrote:I was testing it. It's the same hack (not posting the name of it) which Sticky told me that Pronstar was using. He must have apparently modified the coding for the opengl32.dll with C++ or Visual Studio 6.0 so noghost would not recognize it. It's all good guys, me dropping should not have an impact on friendship. Don't look at it as if I'm a failed hacker, because I do happen to have a few undetected hacks which I have compiled that Noghost will never recognize. If you are going to trust me again in a few months, you are sadly mistaken. It's a really easy game to hack, too easy if you're smart and are not begging on forums for a public hack that will get detected in a month or two. Left 4 Dead 2 is too fun, pointless, and not worth getting my Steam account banned. I don't think anyone on Q3 but Dats1k is going to be trying out Battlefield 3 when it comes out. Wink Aside from that, the Quake 3 hacking is just for shits & giggles. Camping + Wallhack, I do get a good laugh out of it to where I can't control my focus on the mouse. Razz

[05:50] kamikaze: why are you so damn upset about q3?
[05:50] coRpse/v0+: I like to have fun when playing a game
[05:50] kamikaze: no one else could have did that but you.
[05:50] coRpse/v0+: Except the people who actually have ref
[05:50] coRpse/v0+: I don't
[05:51] kamikaze: It's my fun, if you were not having fun, simply leave.
[05:51] coRpse/v0+: They changed ref pass on me
[05:51] coRpse/v0+: If you have fun hacking so much, go to a more active server
[05:51] coRpse/v0+: Where you can actually get more pleasure out of it
[05:51] coRpse/v0+: Why ruin the fun for everyone else tho?
[05:51] coRpse/v0+: That's my thing
[05:52] coRpse/v0+: You hack to have fun, but you get banned in the process
[05:52] coRpse/v0+: Then wonder why you get banned..
[05:54] kamikaze: Okay, I am done here. All of you are liars, deceptive, and don't want to tell me to get themselves heated up about me being aggervated over them.
[05:54] coRpse/v0+: I honestly didn't ban you
[05:54] kamikaze: Fuck the communities, they're shit now and everyone is gone. It's pointless.
[05:55] coRpse/v0+: In case you didn't know, Para and Sticky are the leaders of LoQ, the clan teh server belongs to, I'm in a whole nother clan, w/o ref to the server
[05:55] coRpse/v0+: How the hell can I ban you?
[05:55] kamikaze: I only played q3 NOW because no one on my steam group is online right now.
[05:55] kamikaze: you're not to blame
[05:55] kamikaze: but you're ranting about me using af
[05:55] coRpse/v0+: I'm not the only one who knows something's up
[05:55] coRpse/v0+: You admitted you hack this game for entertainment
[05:56] kamikaze: i'll be on some other day.
[06:31] detoxifying of q3. pz.:

Last bit is him logging off..

Kami Makes Me Chuckle.. Nodata
Kami Makes Me Chuckle.. CoRpse2
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I'm here way too much!
i trolled him in n2p server and he ragequit not too long ago. he truly is hilarious. thing is though he kept denying he hacked until i accidentally pressed my name bind for my *King*Raz3r tags and he figured out who i was and left.

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